Compliance obligations are an increasing fact of life for all organizations. New CFPB rules and other regulatory mandates present a complex management challenge.

In response, businesses need tools to manage risk and execute compliance initiatives. Companies must ensure that contractors, agents and partners are aligned and delivering on service level agreements and regulatory requirements.

VendorVision from RDN is a secure, web-based compliance management platform that connects companies with their vendors. With VendorVision, organizations can define their compliance standards, manage documentation, track vendor performance, and assign tasks to achieve alignment.

VendorVision offers a simple, user-friendly interface that is integrated with RDN’s industry-leading repossession management software.

VendorVision from RDN enables companies to:

DEFINE Compliance Standards – Use online documentation to create vendor profiles

MANAGE Compliance Documentation – Required forms, insurance and training certificates, state and federal licenses – all securely stored in the cloud and accessible online

TRACK Compliance Performance – Automatic notifications when vendor certificates or licenses are due to expire so that compliance tasks can be assigned

ASSIGN Compliance Tasks – Task management system makes it easy to communicate and monitor remediation activities

UNDERSTAND Compliance Status – Provides a clear audit trail with detailed reporting and analytics

VendorVision provides vendors with opportunities for:

INCREASED VISIBILITY – Raise your profile among potential clients by demonstrating your compliance with industry standards and current regulations

INCREASED CREDIBILITY – Distinguish your company from competitors by proactively achieving compliance

HIGH RETURN ON INVESTMENT – A low monthly fee makes it easy to increase your business prospects and achieve solid gains; FEE WAIVED when required by participating lenders

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VendorVision from RDN can help your organization manage risk and execute your compliance initiatives.

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